Wind Energy

At the start of 2008, U.S. wind energy capacity approached 17,000 megawatts. Growth estimates by the American Wind Energy Association indicate that the U.S. could continue to add as much as 5,000 MW per year. As public demand for clean energy grows, and as the cost of producing energy from the wind continues to decline, it is likely that wind energy will provide a growing portion of the nation's energy supply. The wind energy industry includes not just power generation, but also the manufacturing of parts for wind turbines and structures and their assembly.

Milestone Services has been involved in the Wind Energy Industry for the past 10 years. Our involvement has been in the application of metallized zinc and zinc/aluminum corrosion resistant coatings on both the yaw and pitch bearings for the wind turbines. Both of these bearings are critical components in the operation and function of today's wind turbines. Over the last ten years, we have coated ,painted,, torque tested, and changed seals to more then 10,000 of these bearings. Both the yaw and pitch bearings are crucial and cost intensive components on modern horizontal axis wind turbines.

The coatings that Milestone Service applies protect steels for 20 years or longer depending upon the application, coating thickness, and sealing. Metallizing is the most effective, long lasting protective coating available today. A metallized coating can outlast paint by a factor of more than two to one. Other corrosion applications that we are pursuing in the Wind Energy are the tower flanges, mounting plates, and pitch lock supports. We are specialists in designing coatings for specific applications
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