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Metallizing is the process of spraying molten metal onto a surface to form a coating.

Pure or alloyed metal is melted in a flame and atomized by a flow of compressed air into a fine spray. This spray builds up onto a previously prepared surface to form a solid metal coating. Because the molten metal is broken up by a continuous flow of air, the object being sprayed stays relatively cool.

Sprayed metal is most commonly used for machine element work for building up worn parts or salvaging mis-machined parts. It is particularly useful for this class of work because the process does not heat up the parts and cause warpage.

As in the pictures below, the first being a hydraulic ram that has been machined or ground under-size, to a minimum of .030 per side, and then metallized between .030-.050 aside over-size and either machined or ground back to desired size.

In the second picture, a hydraulic pot has been undercut, metallized with bronze and machined to its finished size.

In the third picture, we have two spindles that are out of a machine that is going to be rebuilt. The four bearing journals are in need of repair. They ground the journals under-size to be metallized over-size, so they can be sized correctly by either machining or by grinding.

In the fourth picture, a 2,000 pound pulley has been repared by metallizing with a machineable stainless steel.

In the fifth picture, an aluminum tire mold has been machined undersize and masked for blasting and then metallized with aluminum.

In MOST cases, this process is more economical and faster than trying to purchase a new part.

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